Duo de Mar

Stephanie Helú  decides to merge her energy, talent and interest in design, artisanal techniques, natural fibers, fabrics and metals to create a unique and inspiring concept. She has a highly creative force, and is passionate about the surrounding landscapes of nature, the tranquility of the seaside and the vibrancy of tropical jungle. All this came together, as fate would have, to unify her experience and vision.


The Spirit

A tribute to nature, passion for craftsmanship and artisanal production are all merged into the brand’s spirit. Inspired by strong women who wander from city life to unexpected places and paradises that evoke freedom.Duo de Mar’s design inspiration and handmade production focus on projecting life, history, culture and freedom, together with colors that reflect harmony and calm.



Each Duo de Mar piece tells
a story

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New Items

Stories by Duo

All of Duo de Mar collections are born from different stories told by the brand. From adventures to faraway lands, Mexican beaches, tropical jungles, hidden lagoons an ancient ruins, to interior spaces representing the lifestyle of the brand and how the ¨Mujer and Hombre de Mar¨ interact with their sorroundings, expressing their style through unique pieces, which loom an incredible story.

Stories are told as short films each season, creating authentic pieces, combining originality with artisanal traditions, creative spaces and natural landscapes as a result of a torrent of emotion and deep feelings towards the work done.

“Each piece tells a story, which we are proud and excited to share¨

Duo de Mar was born 5 years ago, inspired by the passion of handmade pieces designed in Mexico and the implementation of artisanal techniques in our confection, to drive us Mexicans to appreciate and buy more national products and to show with pride our high-quality materials.

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