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Stephanie Helú

Stephanie Helú studied in Mexico at Janette Klein, completing her career and graduating in Paris’ American Academy. On a trip to the French Riviera, she got inspired to bring to our Mexican beaches the simple power of “less is more”, aiming to show to the world the magic of Mexican culture and our local techniques.

Duo de Mar was born in 2015, on the turquoise beaches and lush of Tulum, Mexico, out of its creator’s necessity of expressing a simple yet unique lifestyle, through a new way of dressing, connecting and being.

The charming encounters with the sea, the serenity it emanates, women’s sensuality and the exclusivity lifestyle of the Riviera Maya, are all a privotal part of her inspiration for Duo de Mar.

We get inspired everyday by the ever-changing roll we have as women in society, we wish to empower today's women, with a piece of clothing that supports and keeps alive the artisan’s secrets and techniques passed on from generation to generation.

Men and Women of the Sea

Mujer de Mar (“Woman of the sea”) is the main focus of Duo de Mar: a modern woman who enjoys enchanting encounters with nature and magical spaces.

Empowering, soulful women who celebrate life and freedom, expressing their ideals, beliefs and experiences among others through their personal style and way of dressing. Mujer de Mar has a traveler spirit, is in the constant pursuit of magic and is elegant and sophisticated, reflecting all this through her style.

We currently just launched a section dedicated to Hombre de Mar, (“Men of the sea”), and we are happy with the market response.

Introducing the line of man has been a journey. Hombre de Mar is for men who like fashion, with traveling souls, respecting ideals and who like to create their own, unique style.

Duo de Mar was born 5 years ago, inspired by the passion of handmade pieces designed in Mexico and the implementation of artisanal techniques in our confection, to drive us Mexicans to appreciate and buy more national products and to show with pride our high-quality materials.

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