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The Materials

The handmade production consists of a variety of Mexican artisanal techniques, using the vastwealth of natural fibers fabrics and texture offered by this highly diverse region.

The accessories are adorned with luxury materials such as gold, precious stones and leather, to ensure we are creating unique and high-qualitypieces. We value and honor local craftsmanship.

Bamboo Fabric

It is the fabric made with bamboo pulp fiber, a natural, biodegradable and renewable product.The main characteristic of bamboo is that it contains a unique component that prevents and repels harmful bacteria.

Bamboo grows in nature without the need for pesticides or chemicals. Given the antibacterial characteristics, it also acts as a natural deodorant, so it always maintains freshness.

The structure of bamboo fibers is perforated and very absorbent, so it is very fresh and ventilated. This prevents the fabric from sticking to the body in hot weather. It is also flexible, pleasant and soft to the touch, like silk.

Finally, bamboo wire generates negative ions that favor blood circulation.

Organic Cotton Fabric

The organic cotton fabric is made with 100% organic cotton yarn. This means that the fertilizers and pesticides that are used to promote the growth of cotton plants and protect them from pests and diseases are natural.

Today’s consumers, increasingly sensitive to environmental factors, want pure and clean environments free of pesticides for themselves and their children. These consumers also demand greater social and environmental responsibility from their suppliers and look for products made in human and healthy working conditions.

Organic farming does not affect the natural qualities of cotton in any way, but rather reinforces and emphasizes them. Organic cotton is soft, strong, bulky. Breathe and provide extraordinary softness.

Coconut Buttons

They  have a completely natural origin: they are not even painted and keep the natural color of the raw material. It is the shell of a coconut. Its dark range makes the buttons specially sought in the cold seasons when clothing designers offer dark clothes.

Coconut buttons are natural complements for natural fiber fabrics. You could say that it is rather a luxury and consequently its price is higher.

If you make stylish clothes, made of organic fabrics, for men with self-esteem and a taste for beauty and authenticity.

Duo de Mar was born 5 years ago, inspired by the passion of handmade pieces designed in Mexico and the implementation of artisanal techniques in our confection, to drive us Mexicans to appreciate and buy more national products and to show with pride our high-quality materials.

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